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Cross-cutting issues

The World Bank and WHO estimate that one billion people worldwide have a disability and that the vast majority of people with disabilities live in low and middle income countries. Access to quality and up-to-date information resources on disability and inclusive development issues can build the capacity of local and national disability organisations, promote advocacy by, and for, people with disabilities and support the work of development practitioners, researchers and service providers. This section of Source covers a wide range of cross-cutting topics which can be seen as transversal to the rest of the collection.

Key lists

  • New» Inclusive political participation
    Article 29 of the CRPD outlines the rights of people with disabilities in their participation in political and public life...
  • Advocacy for inclusion
    Advocacy is key to challenge barriers to inclusion and improve policy, environmental and attitudinal factors...
  • Inclusive WASH and disability
    People with disabilities often have limited access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services in emergency and development situations...
  • Accessible ICTs
    ICTs must be accessible to the whole population, including persons with disabilities...
  • Gender and disability
    Women with disabilities have been described as being doubly marginalised because of their disability and their gender...
  • Disability research
    In recent years, there has been an increased national and international interest in the situation of people with disabilities...
  • Planning and evaluation of disability in development
    More disabled people are becoming the managers who plan, implement and evaluate programmes...
  • Disability and violence
    Adults and children with disabilities are at a higher risk of violence than non-disabled adults and children...

  • Future key lists » Additional cross-cutting issues key lists will be developed throughout the year including Community-based inclusive approaches, Access to services, Accessibility, Support to the disability movement and more ...
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